Breakthrough Coaching

Are you ready to feel uplifted, empowered, and free?

Breakthrough Coaching helps you quickly release stress and anxiety so you can experience lasting peace, clarity and confidence.

By the end of your session you can expect to:

Identify and release the true source of your stress and anxiety.

Heal inner pain from trauma, past relationships or lost loved ones.

Break free from over-reactions and move through your day with clarity and confidence.

Reconnect to your deepest source of strength and inner peace.


This is for you if you…

  • Hit your limit with overwhelm, stress, or anxiety.
  • Believed there was something more, but now feel disconnected, lost, and at times even depressed.
  • Struggle with unhealthy behaviors, difficult relationships and self-sabotage 
  • Want to fast-forward to the future "you" that is clear, free, and empowered.

How it works
Each coaching session includes 3 parts:


1. Subconscious Assessment

Helps you quickly and safely surface the underlying memories, emotions and fears fueling your stress and anxiety. 

2. Guided Expression

An intuitive process that re-patterns your reaction to triggers, allowing you to heal old emotional wounds and move forward with new, empowering thoughts and behaviors. 


3. Guided Meditation

Helps you re-connect to inner peace and strength to live from a place of freedom, clarity and confidence. 

What People are Saying

  • Stress Is Gone

    “Battling depression, anxiety and PTSD for decades has led me to several counselors but Brett was different. His technique to guide me through my healing was exactly what was needed. It didn’t take long at all! I say he is a “Miracle Worker” and I am a miracle! Life is sweet again. Thank you Brett and also Mike for your effort connecting us. I am blessed and thankful.”

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The sessions quickly allowed me to release emotional tension and stress in my body. After letting go of the stress involving my relationship with my father, I am more true to myself around men. The sessions also helped with financial stress. While unemployed, I was awarded 2 contracts shortly after a session which coached me on letting go of old thoughts and patterns around career and money.”


    Doctor and Author

  • Stress Is Gone

    “The chaos around my life had taken on destructive physical and mental manifestations. As of today, I am able to relax into a 20-minute meditation and experience amazing sensations. At the end of each session, I am energized to do what the day calls. Brett, I appreciate you for all this work has done for me, and for your help. God Bless You and Your Calling.”


    United States Navy Veteran

  • Stress Is Gone

    “In my sessions with Brett Cotter, he has provided an ultra safe and non-judgmental space for me to express and be myself. Brett has a very clean, clear, positive and healthy male energy that inspires and easily engages. Brett has done his own work and thus is able to guide clients through their emotional and spiritual work. I am grateful for my connection with him.”



  • Stress Is Gone

    “This work gave me a gift that I can use over and over again when I need to reconnect with peace. It gave me back to myself by allowing me to visit the perfect space of my existence. Like a touch-stone, it takes just a second, and is powerful enough to transport me beyond my biggest problems and into a place where I am free.”


    Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA

  • Stress Is Gone

    “After Hurricane Sandy, I've been struggling with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and being out of control. Attending the Stress Relief Classes has taught me proactive skills I need to take better care of myself. With the techniques I've learned to reduce my stress levels, those feelings no longer seem so unmanageable. Most of all, breaking through the sense of isolation I've felt has been priceless.”

  • Stress Is Gone

    “It is extremely rare when something comes along and affects you in such a positive way. I contacted Brett because I was feeling an excessive amount of stress and anxiety. He worked with me through a process that is quite unique. I am pleased to say that stress and anxiety no longer control me. These sessions helped me get my personal life and inner feelings from the past in check and changed my entire life for the better. ”


    Sales Manager, NYC

  • Stress Is Gone

    “A session was a way of releasing core stress that had been with me for 25+ years. As stress and emotional tension released, my lower back felt significantly better, my depression disappeared, I felt lighter physically, my breathing became deeper, all emotional eating, anxiety and fatigue diminished considerably. I was able to speak my truth, forgive my parents, truly grieve the loss of a loved one and release old patterns around clutter. After the session, I was supported by the simple yet powerful techniques to use in my life to maintain this stress free state. I received the advice I needed to continue empowering myself. I would most definitely encourage anyone under physical or emotional stress to experience it. This is the best thing I have done for myself in the past 10 years and my heart fills with joy and gratitude whenever I think about it!”


    M.S., NYC

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