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  • You feel trapped in fear and negative behaviors 
  • You’re experiencing chaos within your family

Includes: free mobile app, 3 video tutorials that walk you through each key, and 3 guided meditations.

Key 1
Stop Stress in Seconds with Stress Stopper Breathwork

Master the new technique to recognize and shut down your stress reactions.

Guided Meditations

Key 2
Express Your Emotions & Release Your Anxiety

 Release anxiety with a worksheet that helps you express the core emotions fueling your stress.

 3 Keys to Break Free from Anxiety Worksheet

Key 3
Practice Daily to Feel a New Level of Ease in Life 

Download and use the mobile app that helps you integrate these new techniques into your life.

Stress Is Gone Mobile App

  • Brett Cotter

    “This work gave me a gift that I can use over and over again when I need to reconnect with peace. It gave me back to myself by allowing me to visit the perfect space of my existence. Like a touch-stone, it takes just a second, and is powerful enough to transport me beyond my biggest problems and into a place where I am free.”

    Commercial Real Estate Broker, CA

  • Brett Cotter

    “I have severe anxiety. I have been working with Brett and he's been coaching me to calm myself down during an episode. I had to do an oral presentation in class and was a nervous wreck. I used the techniques I was taught. I was a little leery at first but I did what I was taught. I immediately relaxed and came through it with flying colors. This program is amazing and I am eternally thankful. The best part is it is done without medication. Thank you so much!”


  • Brett Cotter

    “The stress Hurricane Sandy caused drove me to attend a group meeting on stress relief. I truly believe that the practice of meditation, which was initiated in this classroom, has greatly reduced my stress level. I've come to realize that the same way we have a weak or strong internal immune system, we have a weak or strong internal stress coping system. Since attending this class I am not without stress, but my ability to cope with it and my decision making ability has improved dramatically.”

    Belle Harbor, Rockaway, Queens.

  • Brett Cotter

    “The mobile app and meditations have changed my emotional state. The tools and coaching has helped me with bullies, my family, and enables my light to shine through.”

    H.S. Student

  • Brett Cotter

    “Stress has been proven to be the direct cause of numerous illnesses. So, I wanted to familiarize myself with practical skills for coping with stress, particularly during times of crises and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The facilitators provided extremely useful tips when dealing with everyday stressful situations. The techniques can be applied anywhere and at any time and are not difficult to learn. The objective is to make stress relief as natural as breathing itself and result in a mind over matter experience that quickly calms the body and mind.”

    Rockaway Beach, Queens

  • Brett Cotter

    “As a teacher, I am happy to see this work in schools. One session released tension from my body, and has led me on a healthy path. A year later, I continue to reap the benefits. Children also need this empowering work!”

    Yonkers, NY

Are you ready to break free from anxiety once and for all?

  • Brett Cotter

    “In the midst of major life changes regarding my residence, a significant relationship and my financial situation, I was under heavy stress. With a series of sessions the stress began lifting and I got my life back.”

    Call Center Manager, NJ

  • Brett Cotter

    “In my sessions with Brett Cotter, he has provided an ultra safe and non-judgmental space for me to express and be myself. Brett has a very clean, clear, positive and healthy male energy that inspires and easily engages. Brett has done his own work and thus is able to guide clients through their emotional and spiritual work. I am grateful for my connection with him.”


  • Brett Cotter

    “For 3 years I suffered from abdominal pain, anger and stress so severe it affected my ability to work and think straight. After three prescriptions did not cure my physical or emotional stress, I experienced 1 session and now my Stress Is Gone. I feel physically lighter and have the clarity to make decisions which make my life easier.”

    Automotive Engineer, NYS

  • Brett Cotter

    “I did a 30-minute Stress Is Gone Coaching Session over the phone because I was having serious anxiety attacks on the job. I have not had one since.”

    New York Law Enforcement Officer

  • Brett Cotter

    “When my girlfriend and I broke up my ambition for life was changed to severe emotional distress and depression. In two 30-minute sessions the root of the stress was replaced with the truth. That sadness is gone and I now have a new enthusiasm for life.”

    N.Y.C. Fireman

  • Brett Cotter

    “I would experience physical and emotional stress from my shopping addiction. The session guided me in releasing the core emotional memory the addiction was stemming from. After one session, I am calmer and shopping no longer controls my life. I have peace with my past and within myself.”

    Student, NY

  • Brett Cotter

    “The sessions quickly allowed me to release emotional tension and stress in my body. After letting go of the stress involving my relationship with my father, I am more true to myself around men. The sessions also helped with financial stress. While unemployed, I was awarded 2 contracts shortly after a session which coached me on letting go of old thoughts and patterns around career and money.”

    Dr. and Author, Santa Monica, CA

  • Brett Cotter

    “A session was a way of releasing core stress that had been with me for 25+ years. As stress and emotional tension released, my lower back felt significantly better, my depression disappeared, I felt lighter physically, my breathing became deeper, all emotional eating, anxiety and fatigue diminished considerably. I was able to speak my truth, forgive my parents, truly grieve the loss of a loved one and release old patterns around clutter. After the session, I was supported by the simple yet powerful techniques to use in my life to maintain this stress free state. I received the advice I needed to continue empowering myself. I would most definitely encourage anyone under physical or emotional stress to experience it. This is the best thing I have done for myself in the past 10 years and my heart fills with joy and gratitude whenever I think about it!”

    M.S., NYC

Are you ready to break free from stress and anxiety?

About Brett Cotter, Author & Stress Is Gone Founder

In 1999, I set out to heal my anger and jealousy, which ruined so many of my relationships. I was lucky enough to come across incredible healers and teachers, all who pointed me inwards to find the answers I was looking for.

Somehow, a year later I was leading energetic healing groups in California and coaching clients who suffered from deep physical and emotional pain. After moving back home to New York in 2003, I continued coaching and started teaching meditation and stress relief classes in non-profits, hospitals, corporations, and schools.

I always worked hard to refine my craft, often spending hours in meditation seeking guidance and direction. Once the method was clear I started Stress Is Gone to share everything I’ve seen working for years. My true passion is helping people release built-up stress and heal from past traumatic events.

Now with two decades of experience behind me, I am an author and expert in the field specializing in group facilitation, 1-on-1 coaching, and instructional design. I’m a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, the National Center for Crisis Management, the International Honor Society in Psychology, the Stress Coaching Association, and a Bachelors in Psychology.

I received training from a 35th Generation Shaolin Grand Master and the Himalayan Institute. My approach is a compassionate blend of Eastern and Western philosophies.

  • Brett Cotter

    “My children were in the schools under lockdown on 12/14/12. The helicopters and dogs were searching the woods near my house. The sirens were endless. My sons were texting me, "Mommy, is the shooter dead?" My son volunteered at funerals. I couldn't leave my house without a microphone to greet me. I called Brett Cotter on 12/19/12 and invited him to Newtown. He showed up on Christmas day. I was shaking when he arrived. I was put at ease almost immediately. He took my hands in his professional, calm, charismatic, unassuming, caring, kind, and giving way. We worked on breathing and other exercises to reduce stress. It brought a tear to my eye, quite frankly. I am sleeping better, and calmed myself with the help of his simple exercises. The ability to move on is bringing more life into my days. My unhealthy habits that returned after 12/14 are dissipating. I have a clearer head and better focus. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are Newtown, We are Sandy Hook. WE ARE LOVE. Thank you for all your support. Brett, you inspired me. I got your back. I know you have mine. Thank you. That felt good. I needed to get it out.”


I created this for you. It’s time to breakthrough. You can do it, I will guide you.